Three Trends to Watch in 2020: SAP Recruitment Trends

2020 is well underway and economic experts have published their take on the trends to expect this year in SAP recruitment and employment. The best SAP recruiters incorporate trends and patterns in employment in order to ensure success for their clients, increase retention rate, and improve SAP consultant satisfaction.

  1. Low unemployment rate. There are more open positions for SAP consultants than ever before which may mean expanding your talent pool and network beyond the local to fill positions. Naturally, this requires employers to make better, more lucrative offers with competitive salaries and benefits packages.

2. More employees are voluntarily leaving positions than they have in 15 years. SAP Consultants are more likely to leave a position that falls short of their career goals or fails to fill their needs. It’s important to get a clear understanding of what the candidates want from in a new SAP position in your very first conversation so you can place them in the right role. Encourage your clients to prioritize the new hire’s needs and check-in often to increase retention rate.

3. Increased emphasis on remote working and flexible hours. This trend continues to gain momentum as more and more workers demand a life-work balance. With advancements in technology, remote work is more feasible than ever and doesn’t have to mean a decrease in collaboration or communication. Make sure your client’s remote work capabilities match the expectations of the SAP consultant immediately.

In 2020, SAP recruiters must combine their industry experience, people skills, and placement strategy, with in-depth data analysis to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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