Candidate Ghosting: 2020 SAP Recruiting Trends

Do you believe in ghosts? Candidate “ghosting,” that is. This frustrating trend is haunting the halls of recruiting and staffing firms everywhere.

Ghosting is a trend first associated with online dating and romantic relationships but has become a source of frustration among employers across multiple industries. Ghosting is possible because much communication is done via online channels for dating and employment.

What is “ghosting”? Ghosting is the term used to describe the abrupt end of communication of one party to another and is considered by many to be the ultimate avoidance behavior. Employers not only see it as passive-aggressive but a mark of extreme unprofessionalism.

Since ghosting is likely to earn a candidate a permanent spot on the “blacklist,” why do they do it? Some theories suggest that the availability of jobs in today’s market empowers candidates to value individual companies and opportunities less. Plus, technology makes “ghosting” easy; one can delete their social profile in a matter of seconds and create a new one a few months later once they’ve successfully dodged unwanted follow-ups and inquiries.

Have you had a candidate accept a position and then vanish from the face of the earth? We’d love to talk to you; share your story below (no real names/companies, please!)


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