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Current Events: Salesforce Announces HIPAA Compliant Commerce Cloud

Salesforce recently announced updates to Salesforce Health Cloud, including Salesforce Customer 360 for Health. These additional features were designed to facilitate remote patient monitoring, improve appointment and medication management, and incorporate HIPAA-compliant maps.

“Salesforce’s new innovations will enable organizations to provide care from anywhere, and offer insight into clinical and medical risks at the population level. We’re excited to empower healthcare and life sciences organizations with the technology they need to personalize service and communications at scale by keeping patient-centric experiences top of mind.”

 – Amit Khanna, SVP of Health Cloud, Salesforce

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HIPAA Compliant Commerce Cloud

This past year, Salesforce launched Vaccine Cloud to help businesses and organizations in the public sector manage COVID-19 vaccinations and improve appointment scheduling. As the demand for additional Health Cloud services grows, Salesforce has enabled HIPAA compliance across ecommerce platforms for a more personalized experience and more prompt, secure, and timely deliverables.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for personal health reports and data held by specified groups and gives patients the rights to that information.

Powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, these new HIPAA compliance features enable healthcare and life sciences companies to establish personalized digital experiences while protecting patient data.

Patient Care Coordination

Enabled by Slack, Patient Care Coordination improves patient case management for individual care teams and general healthcare organizations. Because they will be better able to connect securely through apps, alerts, and messages, care coordinators can streamline communication and collaboration between healthcare teams.

Patient Unified Health Scoring

Integrated with Patient Data Platform, Patient Unified Health Scoring allows for unified data, combining clinical and non-clinical data and providing a more comprehensive patient view. This single source for patient profiles provides valuable information and allows for more actionable insights into patient care.

Patient Commerce Portal

A benefit to B2B companies, Patient Commerce Portal enables scalable direct-to-consumer selling channels and a personalized shopping experience while also meeting relevant HIPAA compliance requirements. Cutting out the middleman, this portal allows medical device companies to sell directly to consumers responsible for their own care.

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