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How Has Automation Impacted Businesses?

Automation can disrupt some business operations but also make others more efficient. In the race to gain a competitive advantage, there is a consistent, growing need for business leaders to implement innovative process controls that increase productivity and boost efficiency. Many businesses are adopting automations to scale their organization and evolve better, faster, sooner.

Discover the pros and cons of automation and how top-tier staffing and resolute human intervention can maximize the effects of process control technologies.

The Pros & Cons of Automated Business Operations

ERP and CRM systems can have numerous benefits for your organization. From remote access solutions and cloud infrastructure to streamlined customer service and data capturing, process control systems and software have the capability to efficiently scale your business operations.


Improved Efficiency & Productivity

A major benefit of effective automation is improved efficiency and productivity. It can eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks that are often prone to human error and allow your employees to focus on more important efforts. Additionally, siloed teams and departments are able to share their data, resulting in a more streamlined process.

Saves Costs

While the initial implementation cost can be substantial, successful use of automation can eventually lower costs throughout your business operations. Reducing the unnecessary need for endless stacks of printed spreadsheets is not only cost-efficient but eco-conscious as well. Think of it as an investment. You’re using less paper, less ink and toner, fewer pens and pencils—if you’re a large company that spends significantly on office stationery each year, this reduction in cost could potentially save your organization enough money to offset the cost of a consultant or staff training for your automation system.

A Thriving Workplace

Because automating business operations throughout your organization can significantly reduce monotonous, tedious tasks for employees, it allows them to focus on stimulating higher-level tasks, resulting in boosted morale. Your employees will be challenged and used for their unique skill sets. They will also be better able to collaborate with each other, having transparent access to projects and clear expectations for projects, teams, and company goals.


Investment Costs

The initial investment as well as continued support and training costs when switching to an automated workspace process controls not only the decision to implement but also to maintain. Although the lifetime savings automation brings to your organization will eventually outweigh the initial investment cost. Additionally, hiring an expert, whether for implementation or as a permanent hire, can optimize your technology and help you get the most out of your investment.

Limited Scope

While a quality employee can effortlessly adjust and accommodate their results or responses depending on the task at hand, with automation comes a lack of customization and flexibility. The same process over and over again will continually produce the same results, which depending on the task, can be extremely beneficial or very limiting.

Human Intervention

Many concerns regarding automation stem from the concern that as more business operations become automated, certain job positions will be eliminated. But as the need and desire for new technologies continue to grow, there will continue to be a need for human intervention.

Staffing & Process Control

Staffing experts can not only speed up your technology and automation adoption but also maximize the effects of new software specifications to meet your business needs.

With over 25+ years of combined experience and over 300 Consultants placed on temporary or permanent placement across the US, the Local World recruitment team is uniquely positioned to support your workplace automation with top talent to ensure your expected ROI.

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