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How Can Different Industries Use an SAP Software Consultant?

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Wondering how your business could benefit from an SAP software consultant?

Explore how different industries can use expert SAP software consultants to get the most out of their ERP system, stay ahead of the competition, and act as a catalyst for their success.

SAP Software

SAP software simplifies, streamlines, and scales business operations while connecting siloed departments and transforming compelling data into actionable insights for more efficient practices. No matter the size or the industry of the business, implementing an SAP software solution helps your business adapt quickly and keep up with demands. But to stay ahead of the competition and the ever-changing market, you need the best minds.

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Different industries require different needs from their SAP software. Many ERP systems come with basic modules that benefit general operations, but there are many varieties and upgrades for software that your team may find valuable or might be a waste of time and money. For example, a construction company might find more value in their SAP software if it was more project-based, whereas a retailer would benefit from modules that are focused on customer satisfaction.

Marketing & Sales

Industry-specific tools for sales and marketing ensure that everything from product inventory to customer data is properly collected, shared, and utilized so your business can get the most out of your SAP software.

The ERP tools and aspects most often used by organizations in the marketing and sales industry include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Marketing Automation

If you’re specifically interested in CRM software, you may want to consider a specialized CRM consultant, someone who works exclusively with customer relationship management software. For example, a Salesforce-certified Sales Cloud consultant.

HR, Accounting & Finance

Often the first industry or department to adopt new technology and automation, accounting and finance organizations typically use SAP software not only for its ability to prioritize shared, interconnected data but also to create more accurate forecasts, reduce risk, improve efficiency and collaboration, and drive overall organizational growth.

A few of the ERP tools and integrated software systems used by businesses in the human resources, accounting, and finance industry include:

  • Recruiting & Applicant Tracking
  • Core HR
  • Financial Accounting
  • Enterprise Controlling
  • Performance Management Tools

When hiring an SAP software consultant for transforming business processes, you might want to consider an SAP functional consultant. Offering operational or financial knowledge, SAP functional consultants focus on configuring and developing systems and solutions to meet customer requirements in standard SAP processes.

Operations Management

A number of enterprises utilize SAP software for its project management capabilities. With the capabilities to track project deadlines, optimize resources, integrate access to enterprise information, and more, business operations managers and team members can optimize their workflow with an innovative project management approach.

A few of the ERP tools used by organizations with specific project and operations management needs include:

  • Project Management 
  • Logistics 
  • Workforce Management
  • Budgeting & Payroll
  • Marketing Automation

If you’re looking to hire an SAP software consultant for your operational management needs, consider hiring an SAP technical consultant. Generally programmers or system administrators, SAP technical consultants have expert knowledge of SAP’s development code and can design, build, and implement custom software solutions.

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