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Does Your Business Need to Hire an SAP Consultant?

You chose SAP software because of its ability to enact a swift digital transformation in your business but implementing and learning a new ERP system can be challenging. With over 200 million cloud users and more than 100 business function solutions, SAP is the largest cloud portfolio of any provider, and mastering a new system so comprehensive and encompassing could take your team months.

From implementation and troubleshooting to optimization and streamlining, discover how an SAP consultant can evolve your business and be the catalyst for the success of your project.

SAP Consultants

You want your ERP system to improve workflow and help build your business. An SAP consultant can help streamline the installation process and optimize other processes that are essential to your organization.

Having someone on your team who not only has your best interest in mind but is also knowledgeable on SAP news, trends, and updates can help save your business time and money.

Evaluating Your Needs

You’ve done your research and put in the work to find an ERP solution that works for your business. You’ve made the first step towards a digital transformation by choosing a software solution that works for you — why wouldn’t you hire an expert to run the system that handles everything from customer information to reporting to payroll?

There are two types of SAP consultants: SAP functional consultants and SAP technical consultants.

SAP Functional Consultants

SAP functional consultants offer operational or financial knowledge. They are experts in business processes who can offer technical software solutions. 

SAP Technical Consultants

SAP technical consultants are generally programmers or system administrators. They are experts in SAP’s development code (ABAP).

Often these two SAP consultant roles overlap, or a business finds it necessary to hire someone with experience in both functional and technical aspects.

What You Can Expect

SAP consultants can take your SAP software to the next level. Their expertise allows your business to seamlessly integrate and optimize your CRM software and accelerate your business.

They can implement custom SAP software solutions and make sure they are running smoothly, they can optimize your software and make sure you’re getting the most out of it, and they can advocate for your business needs and implement best practices. 

How To Hire an SAP Consultant

With a qualified network of over 18,000 experienced SAP consultants and more than 15 years of project experience, Local World isn’t one of those standard consulting firms.

Raise your partnership expectations. Don’t waste your time with big consulting firms or hiring on your own. Local World delivers pre-qualified SAP talent nationally and on-demand for everything from targeted talent needs to full implementation services. Hiring SAP consultants with Local World means dramatically shortening your time to hire and instantly accelerating the success of your project.

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