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Benefits of Integrating Your Business With Salesforce

Living in a world where everything is driven by technology and customers expect more from businesses, many companies depend on their CRM systems to exceed their customers’ needs and accelerate their business forward.

Discover the benefits of Salesforce integration for your business and how hiring a Trusted Advisor for your CRM lifecycle can support your success.

What Are The Benefits of Salesforce Integration?

Create a seamless flow of data between your individualized departments and connect systems that were once isolated from each other. Salesforce integration throughout your business creates channels of communication that can lead to increased productivity, automated workflows, and so much more.

Increased Productivity

Stop wasting time copying and pasting data throughout different tabs, spreadsheets, and departments. Integrated systems share information and do quality control for you. Those precious minutes add up, and when a CRM system can do the work for you, it means your team has more time for other tasks.

Automate Workflows

Instant automation within integrated systems means time isn’t wasted on manual tasks, progress can be tracked with ease, and managing projects or timelines is within a few clicks of a mouse.

Better, Faster Decision Making

More detailed relevant reports are available to anyone with access, not just siloed teams. Not only does this streamlined data offer for more insightful reporting on critical information and insightful customer data, but the information is more easily accessible to much of the company, which ultimately allows for better, faster decision-making.

Instant Access to Data

The more data that is available and can be shared with other systems means the more insights your business has. The customer information, previously cut off by each step in the system, is now passed along for a comprehensive customer profile and experience.

How To Integrate Salesforce

You’ve learned about the benefits of integrating your business with Salesforce, and now you’re ready to take the next step. When implementing and integrating Salesforce into your business, you want to be sure that your support and staffing needs are met.

With over 25 years of combined experience as Salesforce Partners, the Local World recruitment team is ready to support your end-to-end implementation or optimization needs throughout your entire CRM lifecycle.

When Local World joins your team, our expertly qualified Consultants will begin by learning your business to better understand and recommend the best mix of Salesforce services, resources, and features. They can assist with the common build or buy decisions or specifically work on optimization projects. Your Local World Salesforce Consultant is there to support your business needs and to support your success.

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