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What SAP’s Latest Tools Could Mean For Your Recruiting Efforts

New enhancements to SAP Business Technology Platform were recently announced at the annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference during the global keynote.

Discover how these new analytics-focused and cloud computing implementation offerings from SAP Business Technology Platform could mean a digital transformation for your recruiting efforts.

New SAP Tools

At the annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference, this year virtually attended, it was announced that SAP has developed new capabilities, enhancements, and integrations of the Business Technology Platform (BTP) that will better aid companies to transform data into value.

Data Marketplace – Capability enabling both partners and customers to be data providers.

Cloud-Based Planning Platform – Operational support for HR: planning, analytics, and insights.

Enterprise Planning – Financial data meets forecasting: budgeting, sales performance, hiring.

Digital Transformation

The pandemic accelerated many businesses’ digital shifts, but now we’re taking them in strides.

A business’s survival depends on its ability to adapt, adjust, and transform. For many, their ERP system was already or has recently become the nucleus of their organization.

Adapting to change, implementing new SAP offerings & where Local World comes in.

A Simplified Framework

Business analytics used to be basic data that served only a strategic purpose, slow to transform from data to valuable, operational business transformations. With the assistance of technology, we are better able to implement and optimize data and analytics.

Faster data to value process: Accelerating business outcomes with integration, data to value, and extensibility.

With your framework in the cloud, a faster data to value process occurs. Collaboration, outcomes, and integration are all accelerated, and change happens faster.

Human-Focused Data

Utilizing data to be human-focused. “Embracing a data-driven approach will help businesses as they face multifaceted challenges, such as hiring, reskilling and retaining talent, improving diversity, equity and inclusion, and driving cultural change to support ongoing transformation.”

  Jill Popelka, president of SAP SuccessFactors & Irfan Khan, president of SAP Hana Database and Analytics at SAP

As your business grows and adapts to new technologies, data, and SAP tools, the objective is still human-focused. For your recruiting efforts, this means efficiently utilizing new wealths of data to educate and adjust your operational decisions and ultimately strengthen your organization.

Optimizing Your Technology

Implementing data-driven analytic technology into your business is a step towards success for your business. But how do you know you’re utilizing it to its fullest capacity?

That’s where Local World joins your team. Our Trusted Advisors and consultants specialize in SAP technology and have your best interests in mind.

New SAP tools offer valuable cloud computing implementation services for your business. Unlock your digital transformation with Local World’s top SAP consultants to ensure your success.


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