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ERP Evaluation Checklist

You have done the research, spoke to an ERP consultant, and narrowed down your choices; now it is time to compare the potential ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions for your growing business.

To help you find the one that is right for you, we have created a simplified ERP evaluation questionnaire so you can ask yourself all the right questions and align your priorities.

Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Evaluation

We dive into 5 categories (Productivity, Functionality, Technology, Value, and Risk) to better outline ERP solution requirements, compare features and benefits, and understand what aspects are a priority for your business. As you read through and answer the questions, ask yourself these two questions:

Question 1: Is this an important aspect necessary for my business to succeed– is this a priority?

Question 2: Do the ERP solutions you are looking at offer this service?

Answering both of these questions as you read through this ERP evaluation should give you a better grasp of what your growing business needs and possibly the things that are not a requirement for your ERP system right now.

“A company may employ the most sophisticated software in the world, but unless information is managed, timely, accurate, and complete, the system serves little purpose.” 

— Wayne L. Staley


How can the ERP solution make you and your staff more productive?

Is there a trial version you can test? Is it intuitive and easy to use?

Does it offer multiple languages?

Does it convert and offer multiple currencies?

Is there task automation? Will this save time and help avoid mistakes?

Can you easily share information and documents with other teams, departments, and external users? 

Are documents accessible to all key personnel? 

Does it offer a single database? No need for duplicate data entries or integration maintenance between multiple applications.

Does it offer comprehensive reporting? 

Does it offer end-to-end integration?


What features and functions does the ERP solution have that actually perform the daily accounting and business management functions?

Does it support your business’s financial management and standard accounting functions?

Can it create quotes and invoices? Check inventory? Perform credit checks? Collect payments?

Can it receive invoices and inventory? Obtain approvals? Create requisitions?

Does it support your specific industry? Services, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.

Does it offer extras or enhancements that can meet your unique needs? Has the ERP consultant learned about and offered specific solutions tailored to your needs?

Does it track resource utilization?

What kind of support does it offer for implementation and as an ongoing customer? What will that cost?

Does it share a single database between ERP and CRM?

Does it use integrated business intelligence? Can you make informed decisions from this data?

Can you access information and data in real-time?

Does it offer integrated eCommerce and linkage between your ERP and CRM?


Does the ERP solution leverage technology in terms of usability, customizability, and maintainability?

Does it offer a true cloud? Will all you need is a standard internet browser? Or does the cloud solution require additional tools?

Can you use this ERP on any device?

Can you view and interact with the software on any device? With minimum resizing, panning, or scrolling? 

Does it offer a smart user interface?

Can you adjust and modify the business logic to meet your unique business requirements? Do you have to upgrade customization to do so? 

Does it connect to your other systems for better data integration?

Does it allow you to switch between cloud and on-premise? Does it offer hybrid cloud solutions?


How does the ERP solution maximize features and functions vs. cost for the usable lifetime of the product?

Does it offer a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Is it scalable? As your business grows, can it grow with you? 

Can you choose between subscription and perpetual licensing? 

Will you be charged by resources used or by user count?


How does the ERP solution minimize risk and facilitate network and financial security?

Does it offer predictable costs? 

Have you read customer references? Do you know anyone who uses this ERP?

Does it have user access controls?

Does it offer backup and disaster recovery?

Does the vendor handle all software updates and upgrades? Will they charge you more?

Local World

Choosing the right ERP solution for your business is important. Once you have selected and implemented your chosen ERP, you want to make sure you utilize every aspect of your system.

As a recruitment leader in the ERP market, we understand that genuine, independent SAP Trusted Advisors are a scarcity. That is where we come in. Local World delivers pre-qualified SAP talent nationally and on-demand, dramatically shortening your time to hire and accelerating the success of your project. You have worked hard to find the right ERP solution for your business, don’t waste your time trying to find someone on your own.

Local World deploys top SAP talent who join your team to represent your interests and ensure your success. Your new ERP system will be the nucleus of your organization — why would you let a Consulting firm’s bottom line impede your evolution?

Now that you have found the right ERP system for your organization, let Local World join your team. Our knowledgeable, trusted SAP advisors will be the catalyst for the success of your project and managing your business’s use of your ERP system.

We’ve raised our expectations, isn’t it time you raised yours?

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