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Utilizing Salesforce to Its Fullest Extent

With so many powerful features and beneficial tools, you want to ensure your team has implemented all of the valuable aspects of Salesforce into their everyday work, creating a more productive and successful workflow that benefits the entire organization.

Discover how to properly utilize Salesforce, what to keep an eye out for, and how to support your team throughout this process.

The Benefits of Salesforce & How To Utilize Them

Integrating and utilizing Salesforce software like CPQ Salesforce or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which have been expertly programmed to help businesses like yours thrive, can help you get the most out of your software.

Employee Usage & User Benefits

When, how, and where your employees use Salesforce software can quickly determine whether your business is using the software to its fullest potential. Here are a few ways you can establish whether or not your employees are utilizing Salesforce to their advantage and if they are truly benefiting from the breadth optimization tools at their fingertips.

Adoption Benchmarks

By first Identifying how many employees are actually using the software, you will be able to better establish effectiveness and definitive metrics for success.

User Activity

One way to monitor software adoption is with generic user activity, looking at how often employees are logging on, updating records, and what key features they are using. Utilizing Salesforce Adoption Dashboards offers insightful data, although it is important to keep in mind that some employee activity might be low because of the type of position they hold. Consider the roles and responsibilities of employees and teams as you begin to assess user activity.

Department Adoption Data

In addition to monitoring adoption via individual user activity, Salesforce also reports department-specific metrics that allow you to evaluate overall team benchmarks. For example, your marketing team might utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud, while your customer service team would use Salesforce Service Cloud, and your sales team would prefer CPQ Salesforce. Evaluating these department-specific metrics helps you better ascertain team adoption rates and software utilization.

Quality Data & Productivity Benefits

Another metric to keep in mind is data quality. A large benefit of a CRM software program like Salesforce is that once data is entered, it is immediately shared throughout the organization, boosting productivity, and keeping traditionally siloed departments connected—but only if the data is detailed, accurate, and essentially, of high-quality.

Evaluating Quality Data

Organized, transparent, quality data can help your entire corporation communicate more effectively, make decisions faster, and boost productivity. Many teams can learn and utilize basic data entry steps, some even exceeding basic usage, but it is crucial to ensure that universally quality data is being employed across all departments.

Salesforce Experts

In order to ensure everyone is taught and instructed effectively on how to both implement and utilize quality data, it can be extremely beneficial to have an expert on the team. Someone who can offer specific Salesforce help to optimize usage, not only that, but your organization can hire Salesforce experts from consulting firms like Local World for everything from contract hires to help with implementation to permanent placement as your business grows.

Optimization Tips & Tricks

Here are a few more tips and tricks for utilizing your Salesforce software to its fullest potential.

  • Get ahead of the learning curve. With new software comes new challenges. If you are making the switch to a new system, make sure to include your team as early as possible, giving them time to adapt.
  • Support your team. The marketing team might readily jump on board with new innovations and optimizations, quickly employing all the aspects of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud while your sales team avoids using their software altogether. Support your team and help them learn how modifying the way they operate to utilize Salesforce will actually benefit them. Provide them training to help them master the technology.
  • Hire an expert. If you could ensure that your Salesforce software was being utilized to its full potential, would you? Hiring Salesforce help, someone who is qualified and experienced can help your business reap all the impressive benefits Salesforce software has to offer.

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