SAP Recruiters: Interview Tips PLUS 10 Interview Questions 2020

The promise of a lucrative role with an innovative company can be exciting. Still, the process of actually landing the job can make even the most seasoned candidates feel apprehensive about the SAP hire process. The truth is that a stellar SAP resume, brilliant qualifications, and best-in-class set of enterprise resource planning skills aren’t always enough to land the role. At Local World Inc., our SAP recruiters represent the most qualified SAP Trusted Advisors in the world with a database of over 17,000 SAP consultants, many of whom seek our advice on every aspect of the hiring process. Some candidates find strategies for dealing with interview-related anxiety while others want tips on standing out from other candidates.

We also compiled a list of ten common questions asked in SAP Consultant and ERP Professional Interviews. Let us know what you think or add your own to the list by leaving a comment!

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Top 3 Tips from Top SAP Recruiters for SAP Hire Interviews

  •  Research, research, research! If you are genuinely interested in an opportunity, the best way to prepare yourself for an excellent interview or introductory meeting is familiarizing yourself with the specifics of the job and parameters of the SAP project, the SAP modules they are running,  as well as the history of the company, its values, and position in the market. Our SAP recruiters say that this knowledge will empower you to place your answers to their questions in context and ask thoughtful questions in return. If you’re fortunate enough to learn the names and positions of those who will be conducting the interview, be sure to check out their profiles on LinkedIn and other career-related websites. Learn about their specific SAP experience, history at the company, previous SAP hires, even their educational background. This knowledge will give you an idea of what types of questions will be asked; you may discover that an HR team member or someone from a completely different team is assisting with interviews to weigh-in on your cultural fit. The more you know, the better you will be able to communicate. You may also find common ground, such as a shared alma mater or mutual friend — that could serve as a great icebreaker that differentiates you from the other applicants. Certainly, you don’t want to come across as being overly familiar, but if you show you’ve taken an interest and spent time learning more about them as well as the company, you will send the message that you are genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunity and likely to be a conscientious team member.
  • Engage in dialogue and tell memorable stories inspired by technical questions. Just because your potential employer already knows you’re qualified doesn’t mean you won’t get asked technical questions. That’s because hiring managers want someone who can do the work AND communicate with other team members in a way that promotes efficiency and understanding. Miscommunications are one of the primary sources of inefficiency and delays in SAP project timelines, which makes the art of conversation a priority for your interview. When answering technical questions, keep in mind that the interviewer wants to understand how you think and solve problems. Your answers should demonstrate expertise with SAP solutions while sending the message that you’re an excellent collaborator who works well with others. To further differentiate yourself from your competition, prepare a few relevant and memorable stories from your career that you can work into examples. These stories should show your experience while also demonstrating your cultural fit.
  • Prepare and share 3 VIP Bullet points. While you’re researching the role and company, prepare three bullet points that make a direct connection between your skillset/ SAP experience and the role’s requirements. During the interview, your goal is to incorporate these points into your answers. You’ll most likely find it easy to use them in the course of conversation but, if not, you can always include them at the end of the interview as you’re wrapping up. The exercise of preparing these points will not only help organize your thoughts ahead of the meeting, but you will also feel more confident with a game plan. When you follow-up with a thank-you note after the interview, refer back to these points to reiterate your qualifications and further differentiate you from your competition.

SAP Consultant 2020 Interview Questions

Our SAP recruiters compiled a list of  2020 SAP interview questions for your review. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  1. Explain SAP to someone who has never heard of it.
  2. Give me a brief summary of your SAP experience. What modules have you chosen to work with, and why?
  3. What SAP training and certifications do you have? How are they relevant to this role and project?
  4. What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced when working on an initiative, and how did you overcome it?
  5. Tell me about your relevant vertical industry experience.
  6. What types of projects have you worked on in the past, and how has it prepared you for this role and project?
  7. A set of reports is taking too long to display. What steps would you make to improve performance?
  8. Walk me through the steps you would take to estimate the total time it would take to develop an object.
  9. What do you hope to learn next? How will this role help you to grow?
  10. Walk me through a specific example from your experience. Focus on a past role and walk me through the SAP system and configuration with a few examples of relevant business processes.

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