Candidate Ghosting: 2020 SAP Recruiting Trends

Do you believe in ghosts? Candidate “ghosting,” that is. This frustrating trend is haunting the halls of recruiting and staffing firms everywhere.

Ghosting is a trend first associated with online dating and romantic relationships but has become a source of frustration among employers across multiple industries. Ghosting is possible because much communication is done via online channels for dating and employment.

What is “ghosting”? Ghosting is the term used to describe the abrupt end of communication of one party to another and is considered by many to be the ultimate avoidance behavior. Employers not only see it as passive-aggressive but a mark of extreme unprofessionalism.

Since ghosting is likely to earn a candidate a permanent spot on the “blacklist,” why do they do it? Some theories suggest that the availability of jobs in today’s market empowers candidates to value individual companies and opportunities less. Plus, technology makes “ghosting” easy; one can delete their social profile in a matter of seconds and create a new one a few months later once they’ve successfully dodged unwanted follow-ups and inquiries.

Have you had a candidate accept a position and then vanish from the face of the earth? We’d love to talk to you; share your story below (no real names/companies, please!)

Three Trends to Watch in 2020: SAP Recruitment Trends

2020 is well underway and economic experts have published their take on the trends to expect this year in SAP recruitment and employment. The best SAP recruiters incorporate trends and patterns in employment in order to ensure success for their clients, increase retention rate, and improve SAP consultant satisfaction.

  1. Low unemployment rate. There are more open positions for SAP consultants than ever before which may mean expanding your talent pool and network beyond the local to fill positions. Naturally, this requires employers to make better, more lucrative offers with competitive salaries and benefits packages.

2. More employees are voluntarily leaving positions than they have in 15 years. SAP Consultants are more likely to leave a position that falls short of their career goals or fails to fill their needs. It’s important to get a clear understanding of what the candidates wants from in a new SAP position in your very first conversation so you can place them in the right role. Encourage your clients to prioritize the new hire’s needs and check-in often to increase retention rate.

3. Increased emphasis on remote working and flexible hours. This trend continues to gain momentum as more and more workers demand a life-work balance. With advancements in technology, remote work is more feasible than ever and doesn’t have to mean a decrease in collaboration or communication. Make sure your client’s remote work capabilities match the expectations of the SAP consultant immediately.

In 2020, SAP recruiters must combine their industry experience, people skills, and placement strategy, with in-depth data analysis to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Advice for SAP Staffing Onboarding in 2020

Local World Inc. is your go-to-resource for sourcing the best SAP consultants for your 2020 projects. We provide guidance not only on hiring the best talent but also on how to quickly onboard your new hires and get them acclimated to the team, setting the foundation for long-term success. The first few weeks of a new hire’s employment are often the most important of their tenure. Here are our SAP recruiters’ top tips for increasing retention rates and ensuring your team is productive and happy in 2020.

  • Empower new hires to contribute to the project timeline, structure, & communication protocol.
  • Collaborate with new SAP consultants to establish benchmarking and success metrics: What does success look like to them in a month? Three months? One year?
  • Establish two-way feedback channels via check-ins, stand-ups, or virtual communication channels
  • Establish new SAP consultant expectations for the workplace and prioritize their needs and wants. Is a flexible work schedule what they value the most? Frequent collaboration with other team members? Make a point of following up on these points to maintain their workplace satisfaction.

What advice fo you have for employers onboarding new SAP talent? Is there anything you would add to this list? Do you disagree with our advice? Let us know!

Why You Should Hire Our Los Angeles SAP Recruiting Firm in 2020

Hiring our Los Angeles SAP recruiting firm, Local World Inc, could be the best business decision you make this year. Though your internal staffing and human resources team may be excellent at hiring for sales roles or other positions, their lack of experience in the specific area of SAP will make it almost impossible for them to land the right candidate, a risk that is simply not worth taking when you consider the detrimental effect the wrong hire will have on your business.

Onboarding the wrong candidate not only costs companies thousands of dollars each year but also has a negative impact on company culture, destabilizes employee trust in management, and results in countless lost opportunities.
According to The U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual’s annual earnings.

To land the best candidate, hiring an SAP recruiting firm like Local World Inc. is essential because of our focused, hands-on experience, an excellent reputation, and network.

5 Reasons to Hire Local World Inc. in 2020

  • We are the best at SAP recruiting because it is our only focus. Local World Inc. is the best in SAP staffing because we specialize only in SAP. Larger staffing firms recruit for a broad range of IT roles that may include SAP, but it is not their primary focus.
  • We have the best network of top SAP candidates. Local World Inc. boasts a huge network of top SAP professionals, including a database of 17,000+ unique SAP candidates and a robust, global social network.
  • Our experience is unmatched. Our team has a combined total of 30+ years in the business.
  • The cost of our service is 25-30% less than large SAP Consulting firms like Accenture, IBM, PWC, and Deloitte.
  • Our SAP experts are highly skilled, seasoned, and reputable. Our SAP Independent Consultants have an average of 15 years of experience in the SAP business with 7+ full life cycle implementations in SAP. They are agile, adept at solving for challenges and dedicated to their client’s best interest.

Why SAP Independent Consultants Love Local World Inc.

In order to attract the best talent, it’s essential to establish a reputation for top-of-industry service. SAP consultants rate Local World Inc. as the top Los Angeles SAP recruiting firm due to our unmatched experience, specialized SAP recruitment skillset, and personalized approach.

We Minimize Stress and Reduce Your Time on the Job Market

As an SAP Independent Consultant, you should not waste time and energy shuffling through subpar opportunities until you find the perfect fit. Whether or not you seek a permanent SAP job placement or a contract opportunity, we will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to find the best role for you.

We Negotiate Better Offers and Higher-Paying SAP Salaries

Our SAP consultants receive offers with salaries above-average for the industry. We excel at negotiating on behalf of our consultants to make sure they only accept offers that make them and their new employers happy.

We Offer Advice Based on Experience

Whether you have questions for an upcoming interview, need help negotiating your offer, or aren’t sure if you’re ready to leave your current SAP role to pursue a new opportunity, Local World Inc. SAP recruiters will guide you every step of the way.

We Have a Huge Network and Database of SAP Opportunities

Our global network of top employers and candidates is unrivaled. We have built strong relationships with top employers and seasoned candidates over the years, earning a robust and dependable network offering the most coveted and lucrative opportunities.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to Local World Inc. today to get started!

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